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Based on your vehicle year, make, model and engine size the repair cost and parts cost will widly vary, Please text 417-454-9608 with any questions. We normally quote over text or phone call so as to commuincate better with our customers.

Repair Appointment

If you already know or have what you want installed on the vehicle we can quote you for a labor only install.

Emergency Services

Emergency serivces are avalible in 2 hours or less. The minimum charge for emergency services is 600$.

Diagnosis / Look at the vehicle

To diagnose the vehicle or tell you what is wrong and what parts are needed is 100$. We will answer any and all questions within reason.

Things we don't do in the field

Based on this the  mobile patform we tend to stay away from things like:

engine replacment, transmission replacment, timing set or head gasket repairs.

Those services start at 2000$ to be done in the field.

Preventative Maintence

Preventative maintenance such as diagnosis, when you notice abnormal behavior in your vehicle can save you money in the long run. Certain issues will damage the vehicle if ignored. Regular oil changes are key as well.

No start issues

For those of you that wake up in the morning / leave work and the car won't start. We have a service just for you. All no start issues are first come first serve for that day and sometimes require an appointment the next day. It's 100$ to diagnose the issue and tell you whats wrong. This charge covers things like putting on a spare tire, jumpstart, putting a belt back on, fuze replacement and all other basic diagnostic practices.

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